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February 2005
David Stevens

David Stevens, founder member of The Downland Partnership passed away 10th Feb. His obituary can be found here.


November 2004
Projects: Lancing College Chapel

This is the second phase of this project concerning this landmark building which stands high on the South Downs above Lancing in Sussex. Once again we will be using the 64 metre (210 feet) access platform in order to get our cameras into position, at the same time giving us unique views along the south coast.

August 2004
Projects: The Lyndhurst Library, New York

Further heritage projects from the 'Big Apple' involving orthophotography of historic elevations


July 2004
Projects: Queen Mary College, London

We have recently completed the survey of the ornate and multi-faceted ceiling at the historic Octogon Library.


June 2004
Projects: The Rockefeller Chapel, Chicago

We are very pleased to have been awarded the heritage survey, comprising orthophotography, of this important building. This is the third major project undertaken by us in the United States of America.


May 2004
Technologies: Orthophotography at Cowdray Park

Although orthophotography was originally intended for aerial survey applications, we have been applying the technique to building elevations for some time. Its use is appropriate when the planes of a building are not flat enough to allow for normal rectified photography to be used, but an image survey is required. At Cowdray Park orthophotographs fitted the bill and we are now nearing completion of what must be one of the largest projects of this kind ever undertaken.


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